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We specialize in funding fix and flip loans! We offer up to 90% financing, with rates as low as 8%. As a truly direct hard money lender, we make decisions in hours and close loans in days. Construction draws are funded in 48 hours. To get started, click the get funded button and provide just a few quick pieces of information. I'll respond to you immediately.
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What is a fix and flip loan?

They say it takes one to know one. Simply put, a fix and flip loan provides you with funds to acquire and renovate a single family home. Personally, I have completed over 150 single family fix and flips in my career. I started a hard money lending company once I figured out how limited the financing options were for flippers. If you wanted to flip a house, the best two options for you are a 203K loan and a hard money loan from a private lender. Both loan programs fund 100% of the construction costs. A 203k loan is insured by FHA and it's an example of a conventional loan. This can be offered to both real estate investors and for people looking to renovate their primary residence . For a 203k loan you will have a 30-year term, offer interest rates near 4%, and 2-3pts in origination fees paid to the lender at closing. It takes 60 days to close a 203k loan, there is a lot of paperwork, and it’s a long process to obtain construction draws. Hard money fix and flip loan are offered by a private lender only to real estate investors. Also, a hard money lender cannot lend on your primary residence. The property must be an investment and owned in an LLC. As a hard money lender, I can close loans in days. Then the flipper can actually complete the renovation before the conventional lender can close. For example, we actually approved a hard money loan for a fix and flip on a Monday. We issued a Term Sheet that same day and closed the loan on Friday that same week. Interest rates from a hard money lender are generally higher. Rates can be between 8-12%. However, you pay a higher interest rate for significant time savings and less paperwork. A hard money lender typically charges 1-3pts in origination fees. Hard money loan terms are generally 12 months vs traditional mortgage terms of 30 years. Normally, 12 months is more than enough time for a fix and flip but we offer extensions if needed.
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How do you get a hard money fix and flip loan?

It’s easy to get a hard money loan for a single family flip! Unlike conventional real estate lenders, hard money lenders requires a lot less paperwork. Once you get the property under agreement, you call me and provide me with a detailed construction budget. I’ll need to get to know you and how experienced you are in fix and flips, so I’ll ask you to provide me an experience worksheet. Our hard money loan program does not require income verification, tax returns, or personal financial statements. With this information I now have the ability to complete my underwriting for loan approval. Within 24 hours your loan will be approved and I’ll be able to issue you a Term Sheet. The conditions to close are simple 1) Appraisal with an after repair value that supports the loan on an LTV basis 2) a credit score of 650+ 3) proof of liquidity that shows you have the down payment and working capital for construction.

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