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Are you an experienced builder looking for a hard money loan? We specialize new construction loans! We offer up to 90% financing in our construction loan program, with rates starting at just 4.99%. As a truly direct hard money lender, we make decisions in hours and close loans in days. Construction draws are funded in 48 hours. To get started, click the get funded button and provide just a few quick pieces of information. I'll respond to you immediately.
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What is a hard money new construction loan?

A hard money loan for new construction provides the builder with capital to fund a portion of the purchase, as well as construction of the house. Typically the hard money lender will fund up to 70% of the lot purchase and hold back 100% of the funds to cover the cost of construction. We always size our hard money loans to cover 100% of the construction costs. This helps because we are underwriting the future value of the completed house. It gives the lender the security of knowing the funds will always be available to complete the project. The construction funds are “held back” and funded as work is complete using an industry standard construction loan draw process. My hard money loan program does not charge interest on the construction hold back. We only charge interest on the outstanding loan balance. As a hard money lender, we understand that time is money so I make sure my hard money loan draw process is fast. The process requires a 3rd party inspector to visit the property and issue a report with pictures showing work complete. Normally, I expect this whole process to take only 48hrs. The approved amount is wired into the borrower's bank account and the project continues forward with the borrower being reimbursed for work performed until completion.
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How do I get a hard money loan for new construction?

It’s easy to get a hard money loan for new construction! Unlike conventional real estate lenders, a hard money lender requires a lot less paperwork. Once you get the lot under agreement, you call me and provide me with a detailed construction budget, plans, and specs of finishes. As a first time borrower I’ll need to get to know you and how experienced you are in building houses, so I'll ask you to provide me with an experience worksheet. We don’t need tax returns or require a lot on the borrower’s financial condition. At this point I now have the ability to complete my underwriting and submit the loan for approval. Loans are approved within 24 hours, and a term sheet is issued to the borrower. Our conditions to close are 1) an appraisal that concludes a value of the completed house that supports our loan 2) we pull credit with a minimum score of 650 3) we ask for proof of liquidity to make sure the borrower has the down payment and working capital for construction.

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