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Are you an experienced home builder? Let Hard Money Lender Direct to find you the best loan programs for new construction in just a matter of minutes. Within our network, the direct local lenders offer new construction loans that fund up to 70% of the lot purchase, and 100% of construction (75% LTV / 95% LTC). Just click the get started button and provide a few quick pieces of information. No credit check, no obligation, and it’s FREE!
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What is a hard money new construction loan?

A new construction loan provides a builder with capital to fund a majority of the lot purchase, and 100% of the cost to build the house. Typically, a hard money lender will fund up to 70% of the lot purchase. Lenders want to fund 100% of construction because it gives them the comfort of knowing the funds will always be available to complete the project. This provides construction lenders with the ability use the value of the completed house when underwriting the loan. The construction funds are “held back” in escrow and funded in draws as work is complete. This includes a 3rd party inspector to go to the property and take pictures, issue a report to the lender, who then wires approved funds to the borrower. This draw process is pretty standard industry wide, and it should only take 48-72hrs. Most hard money lenders do not charge interest on the construction hold back, only the outstanding balance. The borrower will continue work on the house being reimbursed until the house is complete and the loan is fully funded. The house will sell the borrower will pay off the hard money loan from sale or refinance.
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How do I get a hard money loan for new construction?

It’s easy to get a hard money loan for new construction! Unlike conventional real estate lenders like banks, the process with a hard money lender is FAST and requires a lot less paperwork. Once you get the lot under agreement, you come to Hard Money Lender Direct. You provide us with very basic information on the project and we connect you with who we believe is the best local direct lender for new construction loans for FREE. You will need to have a detailed construction budget, plans, and specs of finishes ready in order for the lender to finalize their loan quote. Most lenders will have a credit score requirement and a minimum liquidity amount to ensure you have enough working capital to go through the draw process. Hard money loan programs usually don’t require tax returns or a lot on the borrower’s financial condition. You will work directly with the lender to get your loan approved. Loans are usually approved within 24 hours.

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