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If you are looking for a loan that allows you to acquire and reposition a retail, office, an industrial property, then one of my hard money loan programs is for you.

 Asset Based Lending is a direct private lender ready to help with your hard money loan needs. With their own money to lend, ABL continues to fund private real estate loans during these uncertain times.

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A hard money loan is a short-term bridge loan based mainly on the value of the real estate (collateral). Normally with a Hard money lender, you typically get charged a higher interest rate, but in return they offer fast approvals. Also, as a hard money lender, they can close quickly (days not weeks), and they require much less paperwork from the borrower. Hard money lenders are great for value-add commerical, renovation projects, condo conversions, and we especially love residential fix and flips.
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Hard Money Loan Amounts from $150,000 to $4,000,000

As a hard money lender, we fund up to 75% of ‘as completed value. Up to 85% project costs, and 100% of the construction budget.

Interest Rates as low as 10%

Interest only, Interest Reserves available. ABL is an active private real estate lender offering competitive rates!

We close in as little as 7 Days!

48 Hour Loan Approval Process, No appraisal Required, Construction Advances Funded in 48 Hours.

Our program is borrower friendly!

  • Stated Income Program

    PFS & REO Schedule Review / No tax returns required

  • Credit Score

    Minimum 625 / Clean Criminal Background Check

  • Experience Matters

    Experienced real estate investors only / No owner occupants

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Pre-qualifying does not require you to provide sensitive personal information. No credit pull needed until the loan is approved/committed by your hard money lender!