What Is The BRRR Method?

The Brrrr Method is a strategy for investing in real estate that allows you to buy, rehab and rent properties. It's an effective way of getting started with your first investment!
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The BRRR Method Breakdown

  • 1


    Find a property that meets your criteria.

  • 2


    Fix it up, improve property value, get ready for tenants.

  • 3


    Get suitable tenants, start collecting rent payments.

  • 4


    A Cash-out refinance replaces existing mortgage, allowing access to new equity from rehab.

  • 5


    Let's do it again! Use proceeds from cash out refinance to start next project!

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The BRRR Method can be very profitable if done correctly, which makes working with the right company a must.
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Why use the BRRR Method for real estate investing?

The first thing you need to do is find a property that meets your criteria. You can do this by searching for properties online or contacting an expert in real estate like Hard Money Lender Direct, who will help guide and assist with every step of the process until project completion!
Multifamily BRRR Method - Hard Money Lender Direct
Rental BRRR Method - Hard Money Lender Direct

What Company's support this type of process?

Are you a real estate investor, ready to learn more about The BRRR Method? The BRRR Method is simple, yet very profitable. Contact us today and start making money!

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