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Hard Money Lender Direct specializes in connecting borrowers with the best cash-out refinance loan programs available! There are loan programs that allow borrowers to cash out up to 80% LTV. Interest rates vary based on credit and cash flow generated by the property. However, all programs are borrower friendly/doc lite and don’t require income or employment verification. Cash out refinance loans are approved in hours and can close in a few weeks. Just click the get started button and provide just a few quick pieces of information. No credit check, no obligation, and it’s FREE!
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What is a cash-out refinance loan?

A cash out refinance loan simply replaces your current loan with a larger mortgage, providing the borrower with cash at closing. Effectively, the lender is exchanging cash for equity built in the property over time. Real estate investors use cash-out refinance loans routinely to buy more properties. Others use cash-out refinance loans to complete renovations or make repairs to the property to further increase its value.
Cash Out Refinance Loan
Cash Out Refinance

How do you get a cash-out refinance loan?

It’s easy to get a cash out refinance loan from a hard money lender. Unlike conventional real estate lenders, a hard money lender requires a lot less paperwork and a lot less time. If your 1-9 unit rental property has increased in value since you last financed it, click get started and we’ll connect you with the right direct lender. They won’t ask for tax returns, or verify income or employment. In fact, they won’t pull credit until your loan is fully approved. Your cash out refinance loan will be approved in just a matter of hours. Closing a refinance loan usually takes just 3-4 weeks depending on how long it takes to get the appraisal back.

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