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We are one of the best hard money lenders New Hampshire. As a truly direct hard money lender, we make decisions in hours and close loans in days. We offer up to 90% financing in our construction loan program with rates starting at 4.99%. We also offer 30-year fixed hard money loan programs with rates as low as 3.75%! To get started, click the get funded button and provide just a few quick pieces of information. I'll respond to you immediately.
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Why choose us as your go to hard money lender in NH?

We have been closing hard money loans in NH for 10 years. We separate ourselves from other New Hampshire hard money lenders because we are local. In addition, we have “boots on the ground” which is important as a hard money lender. You are not dealing with a loan officer that is sitting in a national call center. I understand the unique market dynamics in Massachusetts. That allows us to get up to speed quickly on your investment. That allows us to issue Term Sheets in 24 hours and close loans in 7 days. Our NH hard money loan program is perfect for 1-4 unit residential properties that are in need of renovation. We love New Hampshire fix and flips because most of the housing stock is outdated. Finally, we also lend to local builders that are looking for a ground up construction loan.
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How do I get a loan from a hard money lender in New Hampshire?

It’s easy to get a loan from a hard money lender in New Hampshire like us! Unlike conventional real estate lenders, a hard money lender requires a lot less paperwork. When you get the property under agreement and you know the construction cost, call me. If the deal makes sense based on the preliminary numbers, we’ll move forward in getting your loan approved. First, I’ll need to get to know you and how experienced of a real estate investor you are. Unfortunately, I can’t lend to owner occupants. I’ll ask you to provide me with an experience worksheet and fill out a 1 min online app as a first time borrower. We don’t need tax returns, bank statements, and we don't need to pull credit to get your loan approved. Usually I can issue a Term Sheet within 24 hours, so we’re one of the fastest hard money lenders in NH. The conditions of the commitment are very borrower friendly. I need a minimum credit of 650, an appraisal, and bank statement showing you have the down payment and working capital for construction.

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Pre-qualifying does not require you to provide sensitive personal information. No credit pull needed until the new construction loan is approved/committed by your trusted hard money lender!