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Let us introduce you to the best hard money lenders New York. We are not a loan broker. Our streamlined process is simple, and it’s FREE! We know it’s hard to find the right lender, and that’s especially true when it comes to New York hard money loans. Our founders have more than 20 years’ experience financing and investing in real estate. Let us match you with a direct hard money lender who we believe will provide the best loan terms and close your loan.
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All of the New York hard money lenders in our network have a demonstrated track record of closing loans. The lender we introduce you to will have “boots on the ground” which is important as a hard money lender. This means they will have access to local appraisers, title companies, attorneys, and construction inspectors to ensure maximum efficiency. You won’t deal with a national loan officer that doesn’t understand the unique market dynamics in New York. Your lender will be able to get up to speed quickly on your investment. As a result, loans are usually approved in 24 hours, and can close in 2 weeks or less. We have access to several different NY hard money loan programs that can fund anything from a fix and flip, a 30-year fixed cash out refinance, a new build, or a 25-unit multifamily project.
BRRR Method NY Hard Money Loan - Hard Money Lender Direct
Fix and Flip NY Hard Money Loan - Hard Money Lender Direct

How do I get a loan from a hard money lender in New York?

We can help you get a loan from a hard money lender in NY! It’s fast, it’s free, and there is no obligation. You just need to answer a few questions and we will introduce you to a vetted lender in our network. From there, you will work directly with the lender to get your loan approved and closed. We’re not a broker, we don’t mark up your loan. Unlike conventional real estate lenders, a hard money lender requires a lot less paperwork. You just need to know the numbers. Our lenders will trust the information provided in order to approve your loan, then verify everything prior to closing. Some hard money loan programs will be based on experience, some on cash flow, others on credit. No two NY hard money loan programs are the same. Hard Money Lender Direct will connect you with the one we think will best fit your needs.

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