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This is a hard money loan program for 1-4 unit investment properties. We offer rates as low as 3.75% and 1pt, no experience required! This permanent hard money loan program allow for cash out up to 75% of value. We can fund up to 80% on a purchase of a property. You will not be asked for tax returns, and we don't verify employment income.
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What is a hard money investment property loan?

A rental loan is for investors who are looking for fast funding to hold rental investment properties. We offer similar terms and interest only periods as a conventional lender, but we don't require anywhere near the amount of paperwork. Similar to convention/bank financing, we also offer purchase financing and we can do cash out refinances. Conventional lenders can take a month or more just to approve your loan, it takes us that long to close. As a hard money lender, we don't verify income, we don't care about debt to income ratios, and we don't ask for tax returns. We will price your loan based on DSCR, LTV, and credit. For the flexibility, borrower's will pay a slightly higher, but still very attractive interest rate. Our hard money rental loan rates start at 3.75%!
Hard Money Rental Loan - Hard Money Lender Direct- Get Your Hard Money Loan Today!
Rental Loan from Hard Money Lender - Hard Money Lender Direct - Get Your Hard Money Loan Today!

How do I get a rental loan from my investment property?

It’s easy to get a rental loan from a hard money lender. Unlike conventional real estate lenders, a hard money lender requires a lot less paperwork and a lot less time. Once you get the 1-4 unit property under agreement, you call me and provide me with a rent roll and a proforma. We don't ask for tax returns, and we don't verify income or employment. In fact, we don't pull credit until your loan is fully approved. Looking to get a loan for an investment property? We can quote your loan same day, and fully approve your loan within 48 hours. Rental loans will usually close in 3-4 weeks depending on how long it takes to get the appraisal back.

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Pre-qualifying does not require you to provide sensitive personal information. No credit pull needed until the rental loan is approved/committed by your trusted hard money lender!