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Rental Loans are borrower friendly permanent financing programs available for 1–9-unit rental properties. These Rental Loan programs offer 30-year fixed rates and can provide up to 80% LTV cash out refinance or purchase financing. Rental Loan programs are “doc lite”, no personal income verification required. Also, they are available for inexperienced investors by assessing the deal based on the income-producing viability of the rental property. Just click the get started button and provide just a few quick pieces of information. No credit check, no obligation, and it’s FREE!
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What is a hard money rental loan?

A rental Loan is for investors who are looking for a “doc lite” program that doesn’t require personal income verification. Similar term length and interest only options are available, but as a conventional lender, but don't require anywhere near the amount of paperwork. Similar to convention/bank financing, both purchase and cash out refinances are available. Rental Loan programs offered today usually allow the real estate investor finance up to 80% of the purchase or the property’s value. Conventional lenders can take a month or more just to approve your loan, about as long as it takes a Rental Loan to close. As discussed above, these lenders don't verify income, don't care about debt-to-income ratios, and don't ask for tax returns. Your loan will be priced based on Rental (cash flow of the property), LTV, and credit. For the flexibility, borrowers will pay a slightly higher rate for a Rental Loan than they would going to a conventional lender. However, the rate will be far more attractive than a bridge loan rate from a hard money lender.
Hard Money Rental Loan - Hard Money Lender Direct- Get Your Hard Money Loan Today!
Rental Loan from Hard Money Lender - Hard Money Lender Direct - Get Your Hard Money Loan Today!

How do I get a rental loan from my investment property?

It’s easy to get a Rental Loan! Once you get the property under agreement or through the seasoning period, you come to Hard Money Lender Direct. You provide us with very basic information on the project, and we take it from there. Within minutes, we will connect you with a direct lender we believe will offer you the best Rental Loan terms. No credit check required, no obligation, and it’s FREE! Once you are introduced to the lender, you will work directly with that lender to get your loan approved. You will need to know what your rents and expenses are along with your approximate credit score. You won’t be asked for tax returns, personal financial statement, and they seek to verify income or employment. They may just want to know how much liquidity you have. Lenders we connect you with will be able to issue you a Rental Loan quote immediately (usually same day), and close in 3-4 weeks.

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