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What is a fix and flip loan?

Fix and flip loans are a type of short-term loan used to finance the purchase and renovation of investment properties. These loans are typically interest-only loans, meaning that the borrower only pays the interest on the loan during the terms of the loan. This can make fix and flip loans an attractive option for investors who are looking to maximize their return on investment. Fix and flip loans are typically used for properties that will be sold within a year or two. Therefore, loan terms are usually only 6-18 months.
Hard Money Lenders are an excellent source for fix and flip loans because they are in the speed of money business. Real estate investors need access to lenders who can approve, fix and flip loans quickly and close in a matter of days not weeks. In addition, most flippers are looking to buy distressed or outdated properties in need of a renovation. Hard money loans are perfect for that because these programs will fund up to 90% of the purchase price and 100% of construction. Experienced flippers can qualify for funding up to 95% of the total project cost.

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How do you get a hard money fix and flip loan?

The best fix & flip loan programs are usually offered by hard money lenders. Flippers require a fast process, and hard money lenders are definitely in the speed of money business. However, no two lenders are alike. That’s where we come in. All you need to do is provide us with very basic information on the flip, and we will connect you with a direct lender we believe will offer you the best terms. There is no obligation, no credit check, and it’s completely FREE. Once you are connected with the lender, you work directly with that lender to get your loan approved. It won’t require a lot of paperwork. The lender will focus on your investment/flipping experience to determine how much you have to put down and what your rate is. You will need to know the purchase price, construction budget, and after repair value of the property. Hard money loan programs don’t require income verification, tax returns, or personal financial statements. These loans are generally approved in 24 hours, and loans can close in just a matter of days. The typical fix and flip loan conditions are 1) Appraisal with an after repair value that supports the loan on an LTV basis 2) a minimum credit score threshold 3) proof of liquidity that shows you have the down payment and working capital for construction.

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