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Who is the best hard money lender?

First, let’s start with what is a hard money lender? A hard money lender makes loans for business purposes, like a real estate investment. Hard money lenders cannot fund owner occupants. In fact, most hard money lenders will require the borrower to be an LLC. There are many different hard money loan programs available today. Loans programs include cash out refinance loans, rental loans or DSCR loans, new construction loans, and fix & flip loans. Many hard money lenders can provide loan programs to cover the entire BRRRR strategy. Interest rates on a hard money loan are generally higher because we are loaning investor capital, not deposits like a bank. Also, banks are highly regulated, hard money lenders are not. In return for higher rates, borrowers enjoy a much faster approval and closing process with a hard money lender.

It’s hard to find the right lender, and that’s especially true when it comes to hard money loans. We know not all hard money lenders are created equal after more than 20 years of financing and investing in real estate. Every lender has certain strengths. Some offer low down payment programs but have high rates. Others have low rates but want a larger down payment. Oftentimes the lender with the lowest rate requires more paperwork and a longer closing time frame. Therefore, we thoroughly vet the lenders in our network and the criteria of the loan programs they offer. Our application process asks questions that have been carefully tailored to cover the different variables involved. This allows us to match you with a direct hard money lender who we believe will provide the best loan terms, and close your loan.

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What Does Hard Money Lender Direct Do?

We leverage our network and more than 20 years of experience to make the process of financing real estate less stressful for you. Simply put, this process will match you with direct hard money lenders we feel are the best fit for you based on the answers you provided. As a company, we don’t make loans, and are not a loan broker.
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How Do We Make Money?

We get paid directly by our lending partners only if your loan gets funded. We are not a loan broker, we do not make or fund loans. Simply put, we provide a warm introduction to one or more direct hard money lenders that we believe will offer you the best terms, and highest likelihood of your loan closing. These lenders have been vetted by us, and have demonstrated a track record of closing hard money loans.

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