Learn why people trust private lender Michael Chadwick and ABL to fund their real estate investments

Are you an experienced real estate investor looking for a short term private loan to fund a fix and flip, new construction, multifamily, or a commercial bridge loan. Then reach out to Michael Chadwick (ABL)! ABL is a direct lender with its own funds to lend.
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Why do real estate investors trust Michael Chadwick?

  • ABL's private loan program is fast!

    As a private lender, I can get your private loan approved in 48 hours. Next, issue a commitment, and close in as little as 7 days! No appraisal required. My borrowers understand time value of money and come to me because I understand that the private lending space is about speed and efficiency.

  • I'm a local, I know the market!

    I compete day in and day out with national private lenders who promise the world and consistently under deliver. My private lending program is designed around local market knowledge, and I engage experienced local construction inspectors and attorneys. This allows me value your property, to close private loans in days, and fund construction draws in 48hrs.

  • Relationships Matter

    I have a passion for private lending and my borrowers understand that. My borrowers appreciate and trust ABL because we understand that customer service matters. We are trusted by borrowers and brokers alike.

Michael Chadwick is a private real estate lender who has been financing real estate for 20 years

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Michael Chadwick originates private loans for Asset Based Lending (www.abl1.net), a direct lender for real estate investments. Michael has been financing real estate for 20 years. In this time, Michael has financed every sector of real estate, at all levels of the capital stack. Starting with everything from a first mortgage on a 300 unit apartment building, to a mezzanine loan on a high rise condominium. Financed projects include a participating loan on a hotel, to a $150k single family fix and flip and everything in between. Michael has also been on the ownership/equity side. For example, he led the acquisition of 400 apartment units and 150 single family units (renovated, rented and sold). On the development side, Michael entitled and completed a highly complex 16 unit seaside condominium development that has set sales records. Michael is an industry expert and thought leader in the private lending space. Michael can be reached directly by phone at 401-261-0922 or by e-mail at mc@abl1.net.

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